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The information provided, the views expressed and the analysis contained on this site and the associated web pages is only general in nature and are not intended to be an authority and/or advice on any specific matter and the same should not be construed as legal or professional advice.

The subscribers and readers are advised to seek professional advice and refer to the product, brochure and/or any other information from the insurance providers for complete information before taking a decision based on their needs and circumstances.The visitors are hereby informed that neither solicits any insurance business nor sells any insurance products .

MFL Net Services Pvt. Ltd, and, its directors, employees, advisors, consultants, agents, representatives and the analysts expressly disclaim any and all liability, whether direct or indirect to any person, whether any subscriber or not, in respect of any thing /decision and of the consequences done or omitted to be done by such person basing upon the contents of this site and associated web pages and do not take any responsibility for false or inaccurate or discrepancy in the information provided here.


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